Application - AcoustAlert Perimeter Detection

Security Detection
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Early warning detection is:

• about getting a notification BEFORE they cut your new mesh panel fence,
• about getting a notification BEFORE they dig under your fence,
• all about knowing BEFORE they break through your vibracrete wall

Its about getting an:
AcoustAlert Early Warning Perimeter Intruder Detection System

Intrustion Perimeter Fence Security
Protect your Mesh Fence investment

The cost of investing in a so called high security mesh fence is high and the security expectations are also high. Truth is, with a portable grinder or hacking blade it is simple to cut through these fences and still gain access to you premises. By installing AcoustAlert sensor cable, interferences and banging can be detected and intrusions can be prevented.
Underdig Detection Perimeter Security Intrustion Fence
Anyone can dig under a fence

To prevent or detect digging under your fence, the AcoustAlert cable is installed into a PVC conduit and buried about 300mm below the fence line. Any movement of this pipe or banging against it will trigger an alarm.
Perimeter Detection and intrustion detection Security
Detect and Prevent breaking of Vibracrete Wall Panels

The AcoustAlert sensor cable is fixed to the vibracrete wall panels and detects intruders breaking the panels to gain access to your property.
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