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AcoustAlert G28 Sensor Cable

The AcoustAlert G28 is the standard derivative of AcoustAlert Sensor cable used in conjunction with the AcoustAlert field processor, together, to form a TriboElectric (microphonic) perimeter fence or acoustic intrusion detection system. The construction of the sensor cable is co-axial in nature with a centre conductor lying loose in an insulated PVC tube. When the centre conductor moves in the loose inner tube a minute voltage is generated due to the TriboElectric effect between the centre core and screen.
Intrustion Detetion Perimeter Security
The AcoustAlert sensor cable is simply a “Microphone”  which is up to 300 meters long, so if you tap the sensor cable in the same way you tap a microphone, an electrical response is generated and if this is connected to an amplifier you will get a response in the audio bandwidth which you can hear.  In the case of tapping on a microphone connected to an amplifier and speaker, you would hear the thumping sound through the speakers. Similarly, if the AcoustAlert sensor cable is fitted to a fence and you interfere or bang on the fence, this will be transferred via the attached sensor cable to the connected AcoustAlert field processor with a same resulting audio thumping response being detected. It is this response picked up from the sensor cable and measured by the AcoustAlert field processor that will trigger an alarm at a user defined predetermined level.

So, the sensor cable is the component which responds acoustically (electrically) to movements on the fence it is attached to. For a single detection zone, a length of up to 300 meters of cable can be fitted to a fence to form one detection zone. It is also possible to have shorter zone lengths to suite the application. Some people want shorter zones, but on bigger projects 300-meter zones lengths are more practical. Since the AcoustAlert field processor has 2 zone inputs, one field processor can have two 300-meter cables connected to it giving a total detection capability of 600 meter per field processor.

Perimeter Security Intrustion detection cable
When installing the cable to a fence, this can be simply done by using “UV resistant cable ties” to fix the sensor cable to the fence. In some cases it may be necessary to install the sensor cable into a PVC or bosal conduit and then fixed onto the fence or wall structure or even below ground, in anti-under-dig applications. The G28 detection cable is a TriboElectric effect coaxial cable. The size of the cable is approximately 6mm in diameter. The centre core is a copper single strand lying loose in an inner tube which has a screened cover. This is covered with a hardened HDPE UV rated protective covering.

This cable is supplied in roll lengths of typically 150 meters and can be simply joined or cut to suite user requirements. Once installed an EOL (End of line) cable termination is fitted to the far end of the cable. This enables the AcoustAlert Processor to measure cable integrity by monitoring for normal, short and open circuit conditions.
The use of this sensor cable is typically for early warning Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) in wall top, fence and under dig detection application.

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