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Welcome to AcoustAlert!

The AcoustAlert field processor is a fully programable dual channel acoustic analyzer capable of measuring the smallest of electrical audible sounds or mechanical vibrations, analysing these using electro-acoustics and using a windows software suite, we can display normal and abnormal operating conditions which can trigger safe and alarm condition.

An AcoustAlert system is primarily made up of the following system elements:

1. The field sensor which could be any one or combinations of the following:

  • A piezoelectric sensor cable.
  • A Triboelectric sensor cable.
  • A Diskflex piezo sensor disc.
  • A Bridgeflex piezo sensor block.
  • A third party detection device which has potentially free alarm contacts.

2. The AcoustAlert advanced acoustic field processor or a number of these connected to a conventional TCP/IP LAN network to make up any size system. 
3. Audible signalling devices like speakers which can be connected to the AcoustAlert field processor to signal warnings (tones or messages) in the vicinity where the detection of a problem has occurred.
4. The AcoustAlert control PC with application specific software running to indicate the state of field devices and alarm conditions
5. User specific inputs and outputs programmed to switch under normal and alarm conditions. These are used to switch external devices like lights or sirens as well as shut down processes as required.

AcoustAlert can be used:

  • As an intrusion detection system for perimeter fencing, whereby intruders are detected when climbing over or cutting a fence.

  • As a security movement detector whereby a disk sensor is fixed onto a valuable portrait or piece of art work to detect anyone moving or tampering with the item.

  • As a vault seismic protection system whereby sensor cables are cast into the walls of the vault and will be able to detect drilling or banging on the walls to get into the vault.

  • In industrial automation processes to monitor motors and generators running under normal, under load and overload conditions.

  • In general industry to listen in to bearings in motors and machinery to determine if they are in the process of failure.

  • In any application where sounds or vibrations can be monitored to register a normal or abnormal condition depending upon the sensor used.

AcoustAlert Field Processor

The AcoustAlert field processor is a LAN based audio analyser which was specifically designed and adapted for use in applications such as:

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Piezoelectric and Triboelectric sensors

When a cable is moved or flexed it causes the internal conductors to rub against the internal dielectric. Depending upon the material used for the dielectric...

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Software and Design Services

AcoustAlert. The AcoustAlert software is a standard in house development product. In this case we continually refine the application software to accommodate...

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